Breton with a love of nature & a penchant for adventure.


Race: Breton

Height: Average

Origin: Skyrim

Hair: Dark Brown

Age: 26

Weight: Average

Eyes: Green

Gender: Female

Magic: Novice/Amateur


As a small child, Finna lived happily with her Bretonian family, on their Bretonian farm, in a Bretonian land. Finna loved the farm life, spending her days mucking out horses, planting potatoes and chasing chickens. One day, whilst in a barn, young Finna spotted a long-tailed skeever. Ever the animal lover, Finna attempted to catch said skeever, grasping at the wretched creature’s thick tail. Alarmed by such actions, the skeever turned and sank it’s teeth into Finna’s arm, tearing flesh and drawing blood. The wound was deep and as such, Finna could no longer perform her chores and tasks upon the farm. Irritated by her incapability, the family turned against the young girl, denouncing her as a “layabout” and “hindrance more than anything”. Finally, Finna could take no more and one fateful evening, fled the farm, bound for the forest which lay further afield. It was a dark and stormy night as Finna ran blindly into the unknown. The winds howled and rain beat upon the ground, making it soggy underfoot. Unfortunately, infection had set into the wound and in a fit of delirium, Finna fell upon the forest floor, writhing amongst the foliage. After a while, the fever subsided and Finna happened upon some plants which, when rubbed on to her wound, soothed. Over time and through a mixture of trial & error, Finna gained knowledge of the flora and fauna of the forest and of their medicinal and other beneficiary properties. She came to realise that while her own kind had shunned her in her time of need, nature and the wild had saved her, embraced her. She gave her thanks to Kynareth, for Kynareth is the Goddess of the heavens, the winds, the elements, and the unseen spirits of the air. Finna took the sanctuary of the wild to be divine intervention and thus decided to devote her life to the worship of Kynareth, and of the wild.

However, at the age of twenty six, Finna feels a strange desire, a longing for adventure. She feels that something is stirring, but she doesn’t know what. She occasionally makes trips to Riften to pick up bits & bobs and to preach. Little does she know, that her next trip will take her on an adventure, the likes of which she could never even have dreamed of…


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