Blonde, Brawny, Bar-Bending Nord


Race: Nord
Origin: Whiterun/Riften
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Parents: Father – Jani (deceased); Mother – Runa (deceased)

Height: 5ft 9”
Weight: 75kg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Defining Features:
- Wears wedding ring.
- Wears bandage around inner left wrist, though does not act as if it gives her any pain.
- Nose slightly crooked, as if it has been broken in the past.
- Often wears dark coloured war-paint in an inverted ‘V’ shape from the centre of her forehead, down across her face with each arm of the ‘V’ passing across an eye and finishing below an ear.
- Usually wears hair part-braided, then in a pony-tail.
- Could be moderately pretty, if she tried, but generally doesn’t try.
Clothing: Set of studded leather armor, well cared for. Other clothes are inexpensive and look as if they have been mended multiple times. Carries a longsword and a club, and usually wears both of them visibly.


Ida was born in Whiterun; her mother died two years later in childbirth, the baby dying with her. She was raised by her father, a mercenary, until she was fourteen, when her father was imprisoned and executed for Talos Worship. Ida was sent to the Riften orphanage, falling in with a Bosmer brother and sister, Haldor and Hedvig. The three began refining and dealing Skooma, the orphanage being a perfect cover for their activities. Their business was a success, but due to the money they had to pay out in bribes, a cut to Grelod at the orphanage, a cut to the thieves’ guild etc. they made little money for themselves. After turning eighteen, Ida married Haldor.

Discouraged by the small amount of money they were earning in Riften, and worried by the Jarl’s crackdown on Skooma trading; Ida, Haldor and Hedvig considered moving their operation elsewhere. Haldor set out towards Morthal, leaving Ida and Hedvig to keep things going at home. For a few weeks, he sent regular letters, and then the letters stopped. Ida became convinced something terrible had happened, and tried to follow him. She was recognised at the gates, arrested, branded, and put in jail. After a week or so of incarceration, Hedvig managed to rescue her, and the two went into hiding in the cellars beneath the orphanage.


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